Marie Dixon biography - Cantores OEC 2023

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.Marie Dixon - Biography
Like many Marie was introduced to music at an early age with piano lessons and she soon discovered the joys of singing when she joined her church and school choirs.  

This sparked a life-long interest in choral singing which she currently enjoys as a  member of several choirs - Altrincham Choral Society, Romulus Singers,  Holy Angels Church and Cantores Oecumenica. During this time she has held positions within the management teams including Chairman of Altrincham Choral Society.

Over the years Marie has been encouraged to have vocal lessons for her singing and attend conducting courses to sample life from the other side of the conductor’s baton – skills which have enriched her musical experience and are now providing her with yet another avenue in her musical career.

Marie has for a number of years now regularly conducted at Holy Angels Church, Hale Barns and has a significant input in the training of the choir and music selection process enhancing the musical liturgy for Sunday Worship.

At Cantores Oecumenica, Marie has covered occasional rehearsals and has conducted at Nine Lessons & Carols in both 2016 and 2017 with their Director of Music (Neil) playing the organ and they have made a very successful team. In mid-November 2018 Marie stepped in to cover the training of the choir for Nine Lessons & Carols and conducted for the service whilst their Director of Music was recuperating from illness and surgery.  Marie was a founding member of Cantores Oecumenica.
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