Peter O'Connor biography - Cantores OEC 2022

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.Peter O'Connor - Biography
Peter O’Connor, a primary school teacher, is a member of the Parish choir at Holy Angels and has performed with Cantores Oecumenica previously for the Nine Lessons and Carols at Christ Church, Timperley.

A strong and confident young Baritone, Peter has a long standing love of music having been in choirs from a young age, starting in the St. Ambrose Preparatory School choir led by Michael Lochery. However only in recent years has Peter dedicated more time to his singing and has continued to develop under the guidance of Neil Provost, in addition to the support of the experienced members of the Holy Angels choir.

Peter is relishing the opportunity to perform with Cantores Oecumenica once again, as he strives to build on his experience and progress towards realising his singing potential.
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